How To Polish A Concrete Floor

polished concrete

Concrete is one of the best flooring materials. It is known for producing elegant finishes at a lower cost. Its finish can be improved greatly by polishing it. Concrete polishing and grinding are one of the effective ways of eliminating the need for the expensive materials such as granite tiles and marbles. You can learn how to polish a concrete floor by going through this article.

Basics of polishing concrete floors

smooth concrete floor

This process is similar to that of sanding wood. Grinding is done using machines toproduce the highest degree of smoothness and shine. The machine and tools used are equipped with abrasives. It is done using either dry or wet method both of which are environmentally friendly and very convenient. With wet polishing, water is used in cooling the diamond abrasives as well as eliminating grinding dust.


Water acts as lubricant thereby reducing friction. It is also helpful in increasing the life of your polishing abrasives. On the other hand, water is not used in dry polishing. With this method, a dust-containment system is used in vacuuming up all the mess thereby leaving a smooth surface.

What are the steps followed when polishing and grinding a concrete floor?

Surface preparation

This is either done on the existing concrete slabs or the new ones. For a new one, the process involved is relatively cheap. In this stage, pouring and mixing of concrete is done. This is followed by the addition of a decorative finish. For an existing slab, clearing and cleaning are done first. The existing sealer is then replaced with a new layer of topping aggregate that has a thickness of about 50 mm. The topping added has all the decorative elements.

Surface grinding

Grinding is done using a diamond grinding machine. It is done immediately after the hardening of the topping. It is repeatedly done until the desired finish is achieved. The number of grinding cycles depends on the desired smoothness. It is done either using the wet or dry method. In the case of the dry method, you should be very careful to avoid the effects associated with dust powder.

Surface Sealing

sealing concrete floor

Filing up the holes, cracks or any distortion that has resulted from initial grinding is done using a sealing solution. The concrete is strengthened or hardened further by adding a hardening solution known as a densifier. This solution is capable of penetrating into the concrete thereby increasing its density. This will make your floor more resistance to abrasion.


Surface Polishing

Polishing is done using a diamond resin pad. This process is repeatedly done as in grinding. It is done using increasing grit pads. The recommended grit levels include the first 50 grit, followed by 100, …, and lastly the 300 grit. The final grit used is dependent on the desired finishing.