Discover the different home decorating style

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Using home décor is a good way to showcase your personality. The style in your home reflects the kind of person that you are. It is all about the small pieces that you pick and combine in your home that reflect your overall taste. There are different types of home décor styles, and each of them has an origin. Interior designers all over the world use these styles as their guidelines when designing home. You can also use these designs into your home. All you need to do is to understand the different décor designs and how to achieve them.

Home décor styles

Mid-century design

The mid-century interior décor borrows from the designs common in the 1950s. One thing that is dominant about thisliving room decor décor style is the clean lines furniture and neutral colors. You will notice that the sofas have clean lines with small arms and the furniture is simple but at the same time artistic. Many people argue that mid-century home décor also borrows from the minimalist home décor because the design is minimal with no curves or complex designs.

Industrial design

Industrial design is all about the extraordinary when it comes to home décor. You will notice that there is the use of steel and distressed wood in furniture is common with this type of design. When designing an industrial style inspired home, you need to choose rustic colors. The furniture ideas that you choose should also be bold and out of the ordinary. With industrial design, you can also choose vintage designs and incorporate them into the design.

Beach – coastal design

The beach and coastal design are all about relaxation and blue living roomcoastal way of living. This design incorporates the use of fresh and relaxing colors like white and aqua in the design. The coastal design is also minimalistic with the use of minimal but functional furniture to make the room airy. The room is also decorated with beach inspired décor like reeds and also shells from the ocean.

Glam design

The glam design is all about introducing glamour into the living space. The design originates from Hollywood where everything is bold and glamorous. When designing a glamorous space, there is a lot of use of mirrors, gold, silver and bold patterns. There is also the luxury part of the design where there is the use of luxurious materials like velvet, faux fur and also cashmere.…